Learn what Really Matters and Hold your first Conversations in Real Spanish!
Have you ever tried to learn Spanish?

Maybe you tried to learn Spanish at school. Or maybe you’ve tried an app that promised you’d learn Spanish in a week without having to put in any effort.

After a few months of hard work, you finally meet a native speaker and you want to impress that person with your new language skills.

Perhaps this is for a new job, a business opportunity, or perhaps you’re even hoping to find love.

But, you don’t know what to say, so your heart starts beating fast and a lump of panic catches in your throat.

You can’t remember those words that you were meant to have learned without effort.

You lose confidence and you feel dizzy and overwhelmed.

You open your mouth to say something, but all that comes out is a mumble of ‘ums’ and ‘ers’.

What are you doing wrong?

You studied so hard.

You memorized hundreds of words and grammar structures.

You should be able to at least hold a basic conversation when out in the field, surely.

So, what’s holding you back?

The language course promised that you’d be conversational in days. But instead, you just end up embarrassing yourself.
All those hours of study wasted, for what?
If you’ve ever had an experience like this, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Thousands of language learners across the globe have had similar encounters when they try practicing a language that they thought they’d learned.
It’s no wonder so many get frustrated and give up.

But wait...
We know, getting started with Spanish can be frustrating…
Trust me, I know how difficult it can be to learn a foreign language like Spanish.
Although I now speak over 10 languages, I was once in the same boat.
In fact, I used to be terrible at languages at school. I still remember how after failing an oral English exam my teacher told me I’d be better off not choosing a career where I’d have to speak English or any language other than my native tongue.

With that kind of advice, you can imagine how I believed I’d never speak a language confidently.

But in the end, only one simple principle changed everything for me…

If you stay with me I will explain what it was...

But first I want to tell you a story about China and a special girl who reformed my life.

The girl that changed everything...
You see, I kind of got thrown in at the deep end.

For some reason I’ve always been deeply interested in other countries and cultures. When I heard about the exchange program in China I was all in!

China was like another world to me. Different food, different people with different habits and a completely new language. .

After a few weeks I got to know a nice local girl and she became my girlfriend.
Only one problem, she didn’t speak a word of English…

So, I had to learn Chinese and I had to learn it fast.

At first, I wasn’t sure I had the confidence to learn Chinese quickly, if at all. But my girlfriend changed all that and forced me into the situation where I had to learn the language.

In the end, by the time I left China, my Chinese was pretty good.

I remember that night at 1 a.m. when I walked back from her place to my dormitory through drenching rains. After 1 year in an exchange programme, I had to say goodbye to her and I thought I’d never see her again. 

At the time it broke my heart, but it later started to change my perspective on things.

I’d learned to speak a new language in only five months, after being told when I was younger that I was terrible at languages. But I’d learned enough Chinese to find love.

So, for the first time in my life, I started believing that I could become successful at learning languages.

This changed my ability to learn foreign languages and eventually, my whole life.

And it was all because I picked up one basic principle that made it a lot easier for me to learn Chinese, and later also other languages like Spanish.

It wasn’t just because I was living in another country.
And it wasn’t just because I fell in love with a native speaker, although that did help.

Let me show you step-by-step how you can hold conversations in your target language from the very beginning, even if you’re bad at grammar and memorizing words.

This might help you find a new job, learn interesting things about other people in a foreign country, or perhaps even meet someone special.

Whatever your goal, you’ll be able to do this with enough confidence that you’ll eventually forget you’re talking in another language.
The most important principle to learning languages quickly that most people forget
Okay, so, I promised to tell you my big secret...

Well, if you’re familiar with our method you know that learning first things first is the key to quick progress in the beginning.

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule) states that you get 80% of the results from 20% of the work. This principle can be applicable in language learning as well.

In language learning the ratio is more like 95-5, which means that native speakers only use 5% of the words, 95% of the time.

You see, languages contain hundreds of thousands of words but only a fraction of them are used daily by native speakers, and you only need a fraction of these words for your first conversations.

Besides that, your first conversations in a new language will always be the same.

You’ll be asked questions like;
- What’s your name?
- Where are you from?
- What do you do here?
- Do you live here?
- For how long have you been studying....?

Just learning a few answers to these questions by heart is not enough. You want to be able to construct your own sentences and speak naturally, right?

To create your first sentences you need important pronouns like: I and you; verbs like, can, do, want, be, have and a few nouns to get started.

But, just learning these important words isn’t quite enough…

At school or in traditional language courses you learn lots of words. Yet, most people can’t hold conversations in their target language after they finish their course.


Because to speak a language fluently you need to become good at two things:

1. You need to know a lot about the language. That means that you need to know many words and you need to know how the grammar works.

2. But what’s even more important, and what most people forget is that you need to know how to use these words and grammar rules in real, natural conversations.

So it’s not so much about “how much you know”, but about how well you can use what you’ve learned.

Which will help you communicate effectively with those around you and genuinely express who you are.

You see, learning a language is not just about learning a bunch of words. Your fluency is going to depend on how well and quickly you can put the words and grammar you know together.

At school we learn a lot of words and grammar. The problem is that we don’t spend enough time practicing what we have learned.

We don’t spend enough time constructing sentences that are personal to us.
Just learning is not enough, you need to activate what you learn inside your brain.

In other words: you use it, or you lose it!

And using it was exactly what I was doing as a student in China.

I not only focused on the words that I could use after the lessons in the real world, I created personalized combinations out of the words I learned through talking to people.

Every time I learned a new word, I tried to use it in a sentence. Sometimes when I was studying, but later also in conversations with my teacher and native speakers.

I learned, in other words, through speaking.
Which helped me make meaningful connections, because I wasn’t expressing what I had learned in a textbook. I was expressing myself.
By using what you’ve learned you aren’t just less likely to forget new words, you also train your brain to quickly produce sentences in your new language.

If you practice doing this long enough, you’ll eventually become fluent.

The Ideal Spanish course for Beginners
But where can you find a language course that not only teaches you the most important vocabulary, but also trains you in making your own personalized sentences, so that you can eventually hold conversations with native speakers?

We tested all major language learning courses but we couldn’t find anything which came close. We wanted to create something better than any other course on the market.

My friend Lucas and I spent years of our life trying to figure out what the most important words for beginners are and how to teach them in an effective way.

We wanted to create the ideal course for those who want to learn a new language from scratch. A course that focused on real results.

After more than a decade of trial and error and having learned more than 10 language ourselves, Lucas and I came to the conclusion that if we wanted a program that teaches you how to speak from the beginning, we …
- Should teach the minimum amount of words that you can use to make the maximum amount of combinations.

- Should focus on the most important vocabulary that you’ll need for your first conversations

- No boring grammar rules, learn grammar naturally ‘’on the go’’

- The materials should come with native speaker audio learning tools

- The focus should be on the student; our priority is to let the student construct their own sentences!

- The program should be super user-friendly.

…and it should enable students to hold a 10-minute conversation in their new language by the end of the course.

It wasn’t easy, but after years of testing, experimenting and seeing our students getting results we finally launched the ultimate beginner’s course.

And we’ve called it:
Yes, not Bootcamps, but Boostcamps, with an S!

Our Boostcamps are unique language courses that help you to speak a new language right from the start, even if your vocabulary is limited.

In each 21-module Boostcamp course, you’ll learn the minimal amount of words and grammar structures that you need to make an impact in your target language.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to hold a 10-minute conversation in that language.

This program works for all ages – from young students to
65+ year old retirees.

Even 55+ year old Russians were speaking a foreign language after the 21 lessons!
See it for yourself!
But WAIT, who are you guys?
Who exactly are you guys and what do you know about learning languages?

Well, Lucas and I have dedicated the last ten years of our lives to learning foreign languages and we’ve tested all the major courses and methods.

Not only have we learned many foreign languages for fun, we’ve also lived in many different countries where we had to speak multiple languages on a daily basis. We designed this course for people who want to speak a foreign language in the real world, not just to pass an exam.

This language learning journey has brought Jan to over 100 countries and I’ve learned over 10 languages. Lucas speaks even more languages than Jan.

Over the years we’ve also interviewed many of the world's most accomplished language learners. We’ve learned what works and implemented it in our own methodology.

We also regularly speak at language events all over the world. We don’t just give these talks in English. Below you can see Lucas giving a presentation in Russian, in various cities in Russia, and even in Kyrgyzstan.

Helping people from all over the world to learn foreign languages is what makes us feel alive.

The LanguageBoost Masterclass in Kazan, Russia.
Lucas giving a presentation in Samara, Russia.
Lucas' ''speak in 21 hours'' seminar in Kyrgyzstan.
We’ve learned more than 10 languages with this method…
We wanted to prove that it works
We didn’t just want to create a beginners’ course for the sake of it. We wanted to create a course that actually works, and we wanted to be able to prove that it works.

That’s why we’ve added before and after videos on this page where you can see how much progress our students made in a short amount of time.

Let’s see what some of our students have to say about Boostcamps:

''After about 14 lessons I installed Speaky and found a couple of language exchange partners. We started exchanging messages and I realized that I could understand about 60% and I could communicate on the basic level. And I felt so inspired that the second half of the course was even easier and more productive! ''

Mila Khabirova
Professional interpreter, Russia
'I’m already recommending this boostcamp to everyone I know.
It’s such a different way of learning a language than the way you learn languages at school.  
You get to speak the language right from the beginning instead of learning seprate words that you can’t really use. '' 

Jessie de Zwart
''I have researched and tried at least a dozen different language learning tools, software and approaches. This Boostcamp thing is the only approach that I found that had me speaking, conversing, and understanding what I said on day one.”

66-year-old student from the USA
And the results speak for themselves…
Oleg from Russia speaking Spanish after 21 hours.
Jessie from the Netherlands speaking Spanish after 21 hours.
What you'll get...
Now, let us tell you exactly what you will get when you enroll in the Boostcamp;
Each Boostcamp contains 21 modules and each module includes the following: 
- PDF files with the vocabulary of each module. We’ve added images and translations for each word for better memorization.
- PDF files with example sentences for the words that we teach. This way you learn to make sentences from the start and will better memorize the new vocabulary.
- High quality MP3 recordings. We’ve included native speaker audio so that you get your pronunciation just right.
After you’ve gone through the PDF’s and you have listened to the audio files it’s time to get some more practice.
Sample video
- High quality video lessons. Each module includes multiple video lessons where you will learn to build sentences with the words that you’ve learned. All videos combined include more than 3000 drill exercises. 

- Recordings of the original lessons with real students. You will have access to the recordings of the lessons where we teach our students live. 
Watching these recordings will give you the feeling that you are in the classroom with Lucas and the other students. You will also see our students making quick progress which will keep you motivated throughout the entire course.
- We’ve also included Anki Flashcard Decks for each module. This will allow you to reinforce the words and sentences that you have learned by using Anki’s Spaced Repetition System.  

These flashcard decks are a great tool to keep everything that you learn fresh in your mind and not forget it anymore!
What makes the Boostcamp so special?
Good question!
There are a lot of elements that make this program unique…

– Join the classroom! You’ll feel like you’re really in the classroom. This makes the video lessons more real, fun and seeing others make progress gives you extra motivation!

– This course contains 21 videos lessons with over 20 hours of video content! Boostcamp is, without a doubt, one of the most complete Spanish courses for beginners on the market.

– The first lessons are super easy but as the course continues, the lessons gradually become more involved and challenging. This way you gather confidence and momentum but aren’t overwhelmed.

– We focus 100% on your new language output. Every time when we teach a new word we ask our students (and you) to translate simple sentences using the new word.

– Learn with building blocks. We break grammar down into easily digestible building blocks. So instead of teaching you boring grammar rules (just like when you were in school), we give a verb form and then demonstrate how to plug that verb form into a sentence pattern.

– This allows you to learn grammar in a natural way without having to study (and be confused by) grammar rules.

Learn at your own speed; pause the videos whenever you want and play them as often as you want.

– This course is proven to work! You can literally witness our students (and yourself) making fast progress!

– Boostcamp is easy to use. Just login to our platform and start learning!

See it for yourself!
Will the Spanish Boostcamp work for me?
This program has been designed for:
  • Absolute beginners
  • People who tried to learn Spanish in the past but can’t utter a proper sentence
  • People from different backgrounds; we’ve taught students from the USA to Russia
  • Everyone between 16 and 90 years old
We’re ready to help you to speak real Spanish!
While Spanish Boostcamp is a self-study course, you are never alone grappling with learning a new language. Your teacher, fellow students, and the Boostcamp support team are with you every step of the way.

As a Boostcamp student, you have our full dedication and support to help you make the most of your journey in becoming a Spanish speaker.

- Every lesson has an interactive discussion area. Just like in a real world classroom, you can ask questions about course content and get answers.

- You’ll also learn from the questions your fellow students ask.

- You can download everything including all video lessons, all learning materials, and all MP3 native audio files. This means you can learn and review all your lessons wherever you are. On any device. With or without internet. How easy is this?

- Any additions or improvements that Boostcamp make to any of our languages courses you have enrolled in are yours for FREE. Guaranteed. If you think we’ve missed something, let us know – that’s part of our great customer support …which leads us to –

- Boostcamp was designed for you. To allow you to learn a new language (or languages) in a fun environment that honestly works and makes mastering a new language achievable. We’re here to help resolve any educational or technical problems you might encounter on your learning journey.
What’s speaking Spanish worth to you?
How much would you be willing to pay to be able to hold real conversations in Spanish?
We did some research on how much it costs to learn Spanish here in Brussels where I live. For beginners they offer private lessons for 53 EUR ($65) per hour.

That means that for 21 hours it would cost you 1.113 EUR (US $1.371.10).

They also offer the option of group lessons at a cost of between 350-500 EUR (US $431-616) for a package somewhat similar to what we are offering.

And their prices don’t include the study materials!

We’re sure that the courses mentioned here are great. But we doubt that their courses are as well structured as our Boostcamps. Why?

We’ve not only hand picked the most important vocabulary you need to know as a beginner, we also teach you these new words in order of relevance. With lots of ’real life and usage’ examples in sentences you can use to communicate in Spanish.

Throughout the video course, every time you are presented with a new word the logic (thanks to lots of research and analysis) behind our choice is based on selecting words that are most inclusive for your next step. This means you will be able to form a variety of sentences with every word you learn!

This pattern of increasing your Spanish vocabulary allows you to make a vast number of useful sentences from the beginning! With our unique method, you will be speaking Spanish faster than with any other method we’ve tested.
Language learning really is based on logical building blocks. 🙂

Besides that…

We know our programs are more flexible as you can study at our own speed where and whenever you want. And, let’s be honest, Boostcamp is certainly more affordable!

We’re happy to offer you the Spanish Boostcamp program for the low price of $197. Included in your package are the complete video course and all related learning materials.

After all, with your new found language skills, wouldn’t you rather spend the money you’ve saved traveling where you can speak Spanish to everyone?
Good news and bad news...
The bad news is that if you don’t act now, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to learn a language faster than you’ve ever thought possible.

Think about all these great experiences you could be missing out on…
Like arriving in a completely foreign country, perhaps, with the confidence that you’re a unique individual who can have a personal conversation in your new language with anyone you meet.

The good news is that the enrolment at our Boostcamps is now open and you can easily join simply clicking on the button below.

If you want to learn a new language from scratch, or if you know the basics but you feel that you need to revise the basics, then this is the right time to act.
Remember, successful language learners are action takers! Are you one of them?

If you’re willing to put in the work in and decide to learn a new language in our Boostcamps we can guarantee you’ll see the results after the first few lessons.

Join Boostcamp Spanish!
BASIC package
One time payment
  • Access to 21 x 1 hour video lessons
  • Access to all learning materials which include PDF's, native audio recordings and Anki Flashcard decks
  • A well structured and easy to follow program for those who want to become conversational in Spanish! We focus 100% on making you conversant in Spanish
  • Fully downloadable materials so you can learn faster – anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • Free support. We’re happy to answer all your questions related to the content of the course
  • Full 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can buy without risk today. Try out the course, and get a full refund if it’s not right for you
Still not convinced?
If you have the feeling that Boostcamps is not meeting your expectations, just send us an email within 30 days and we’ll give you your money back.

And remember, you get lifelong access to all the materials. So, don’t worry if you’re busy and this is not a good time to get started. You can start on the course whenever you want and study at your own pace.

So click on the button below and we’ll look forward to seeing you inside the Boostcamps on your journey towards confidently speaking your desired language!

See you there!
Are you ready for real results?
Boostcamp Spanish: Before and After
Izabella from Poland/UK speaking Spanish after 21 lessons
Angie from the UK speaking Spanish after 21 lessons
We learn languages, just like you.

We’re certain that Boostcamps will give you everything you need to get started learning a new language.

If you put in the work, and for any reason it doesn’t bring you the results you want, we insist you have your money back.

Just email us within 30 days of joining, and we’ll send your refund. 
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